Be Creative and be Artistic on Twitter

twitter artistic

twitter artistic

So many people are following so many and you are watching them but you are also on Twitter but there are only a few followers on you Twitter accounts and you are worrying that why other users are not following me and why there is lots of users on someone else account. You might be thinking what is the way of getting users or people to make followed you on Twitter. What are the ways by which others are regularly being followed day by day and continuously increasing?

There are some tips that can help you on Twitter to make so many real and targeted followers behind you and after applying those tips, people all around the world might be chasing you on Twitter.

Useful Tips:

Make account creative: if you want so many followers then make your account creative. You can post or upload some good or creative kinds of photographs as your tastes are. Upload as many as you can but they should be in quality or sensible, not in quantity otherwise your account might become a mess and looks like garbage. So if you are creative and have a kind of intuitive and instinctive style and have a style to say everything by any distinctive style then do it. It would be a good way to tell or say by photographs rather than words, sometimes pictures say everything.

Be a poet: say like an artist, if you are an artist of words then say your things in a poetic way provided people like you and your way of saying. It could be a better way than say in normal words or as you say it. So say in artist way.


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